Property Development and Investments

Our key focus areas are:

Property Developments

Portfolio Management

Leasing, Specialized Retail and Tenant Coordination

Events, Tourism and Hospitality property development

Property Valuations

Property & Facility Management

Lunika works in close collaboration with local, international partners, investors and the relevant stakeholders in joining the resources, skills and expertise in order to enable the delivery of meticulous Real Estate products. Whilst the bulk of our business is conducted in East London, we have sought to venture out organically to continue our growth into different province’s property markets.


The different experience, skills, enthusiasm and hands-on approach of our directors and team is significant to the quality of service we provide. This enables our clients to have access to expertise in relation to local and other markets. We offer professional and personalise services to our clients and associates.


  • Property Developments

    In spite of the multiple services we offer, property development consultation remains our specialty. Lunika provides Property Development services and solutions to Private and Institutional clients. Lunika works across the full spectrum of Real Estate Assets ranging from Shopping malls, Offices, Hospitality, Residential, Schools, Warehouses and Filling stations. The following list details the various services we provide which our clients can select, depending on their needs.


    • Identifying sites and opportunities i.e filling stations, for multinational tenants
    • Full feasibility & Viability studies, including Financial Projections
    • Formulating and orchestrating the design team
    • Structuring & Raising finance through Commercial Banks ,Pension Funds or Parastatal Financial Institutions
    • Procuring tenants for the proposed developments
    • Managing the development process
    • Analysis of existing and future space needs
    • Tender / Negotiation of construction contracts
    • Arrangement of development finance and legal documentation
    • Property life cycle modeling and monitoring
  • Portfolio Management

    Lunika Portfolio Management services are tailored specifically to the needs of each client’s portfolio, ensuring we meet and exceed their individual expectations. We strive to strategically manage client Property Portfolios to achieve their maximum potential. This includes;


    • Property Asset allocations strategies
    • Crafting and Implementing property strategy
    • Specialist Tenant Mix Optimization in Portfolio under management
    • Redevelopment and Conversion strategies
  • Leasing, Specialized Retail (Tenant Coordination)

    We focus on constantly changing Retail dynamics to unlock the potential of neighborhood, community, lifestyle and regional centers.


    We maximize the objectives of the investor and retailer by creating a vibrant retail experience for customers with an innovative tenant mix and applying emerging trends in lifestyle of existing shopping centers.


    Retail services provided include:

    • Retail leasing (including preparation, negotiation and implementation of legal documents)
    • Advising on Retail design and tenant mix for new and existing developments
    • Tenant Coordination during new developments, refurbishment and redevelopment of existing Retail developments
  • Corporate Real Estate Solutions

    We provide Professional Corporate Real Estate solutions to Corporate users, Parastatals and Governments in East London and selected African markets.


    This approach taken includes:


    • Formulation of and implementation of strategies for reducing accommodation costs disposal of surplus leased premises or owned properties
    • Formulation of and implementation of strategies for maximizing space for value on owned properties
    • Advising on and implementation of lease renewals or new leases
    • Managing and implementation of procurement terms for leases in new premises / new developments
    • Identifying sites\ land banking for strategic growth for clients
    • Leasing of commercial spaces
  • Property Valuations

    We offer Professional Valuation services in the valuation of land, commercial, retail and industrial properties: This specialist division currently undertakes the valuations of institutionally and privately held property. Property valuation services are undertaken for:


    • Insurance purposes (replacement costs)
    • Sale, purchase and investment purposes
    • Rental determination for negotiation and reviews
  • Property and Facility Management

    This includes the Day-to-day Portfolio Management. We actively endeavors to maximize net income per property through:


    • Increasing rental income
    • Reducing vacancies
    • Minimizing operating expenses
    • Collecting income timeously
    • Letting of vacant space
    • Renewal of existing leases and Lease administration
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Building management
    • Maintaining the quality of services
    • Building maintenance
    • Facilities management of owner occupied / single tenanted buildings
    • Adherence to occupational health, safety and security standard
  • Corporate Governance

    Lunika Properties also complies with various relevant statutes such as the Real Estate Professionals Act, Companies Act and other acts and regulations governing property investment process.

    Corporate Social Investments


    Our corporate social investment initiatives including selecting Non-profit organization which we assist and work in assisting them to being self-sustaining in the long run, eradicate poverty to improve the lives of people in our communities.

  • Lunika Properties on Sustainability

    Lunika Properties believes that buildings in which we live, work, and play protect us and also affect our health and environment in countless ways thus we have to be sustainable in developments and maintenance of the building. In all the developments undertaken by Lunika, emphasis is put on energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, environmentally preferable building materials and specifications, waste reduction, toxics reduction, indoor air quality and smart growth \sustainable development. Lunika Properties strategically works with Relevant Stakeholders to apply green principles to the functionality of buildings as well as Retro fitting buildings so they are sustainable.

Highlights and Achievements

5 Lunika Residential properties have been developed (3 in Beacon Bay, East London

3 pieces of Land acquisition in Butterworth for development for purposes of Lunika Shopping Mall and Business premises

Land acquisition in Port Alfred for Lunika Hospitality , Tourism and Leisure

-Acquisition of 2 offices in the Eastern Cape and Gauteng


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